Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries – or at least, we would like them to be. We like big, comfortable beds and bathrooms with soaker tubs that are nearby, but if we’re being honest, any space with a door that closes and maybe locks will do the trick.

When you’re walking around that dream sanctuary, what does it smell like? Do you like earthy scents? Vanilla? Something that reminds you of home, like your mom’s meatloaf warming in the oven?

These 17 people are seriously thinking about it, and relaying what they would want their bedroom to smell like all the time, if they had to choose one single thing.

17. Keep it simple.

Lemon, smells good, but won’t attract insects, especially ants

In fact in my room I have a lamp that if you put water and a lemon-scented stuff, it’ll smell like, you guessed it, apricots

jk, its lemons

16. It would always smell like late spring.

honeysuckle! we have some outside our window and when it’s in bloom, it is divine!

15. Bad for your waistline.

Fresh baked bread. If my room smelt like that all the time, I bet I’d be hungry all the time.

14. Crisp and fresh.

The freshness when you open your windows and it’s -15°c outside.

Now that’s crisp.

13. It’s not too much.

A field of lavender.

Lavender fields aren’t really overpowering.

It’s the right mix of open air, and lavender smell that mixes beautifully.

12. Like nothing at all.

Due to all of the wildfires a few years ago, I convinced my wife that we needed an very high quality air purifier. After a shit ton of very extensive reading and research I settled on the IQ Air Health Pro Plus.

It was just over 1k in a mattress store. After we turned it on for an hour we were sold, the allergies she would suffer from to the smoke and plants was gone. My COPD symptoms were lessened. We also were able to protect the lungs of our newborn, which was the primary reason to getting one at all.

This machine and the filters are incredible beyond belief. We recently just changed the biggest and most expensive of the filters (First time in four years, which is the lifespan of the filter).

Even towards the end of the filter life it would leave our home smelling clean, fresh and just all around better.

Doesn’t matter what you buy so long as it is very high quality, get an high end air purifier, it really is a life changer.

11. I would be tempted.

Cinnamon rolls.

Almost everyone universally loves the way they smell. I’m sure some people out there don’t, but theyre rare.

They taste great, but the small that fills the house is 10/10

10. With a pumpkin spice latte?

Like the smell in the morning of a Fall day, when there’s dew, and it’s a little chilly, and the air is super clear and clean, and the sun is just barely risen, when things start changing colour.

It’s the best, cleanest, happiest smell.

I always mourn the end of summer…until someone reminds me about this.

9. But without the dust.

The smell of old books that you sometimes get in a library.

On a forever hunt for a perfume with this smell.

8. An interesting take.


Exactly the ability not to smell like sex/ beer breath/ garlic after a heavy dinner.

7. Be careful.


Vanilla is one of those with a really fine tipping point, and I’ve found a lot of vanilla scented things go too far.

Light background levels, like after you’ve cooked with it and put everything away? Amazing.

Basically pouring vanilla extract up my nose? Pass.

6. Not for me. I do too much laundry.

Clean laundry.

My favourite air freshener /diffuser scent is the Glade Clean Linen! Absolutely amazing!

5. If you know, you know.

The smell of opening a video game case for the first time.

4. The smell of rain in the woods.

Fresh air from a windy, rainy day.

Wood or pine trees.

Cedar wood for sure. Probably one of my favorite smells, it was only recently i noticed almost all of my colognes have it as a base or middle note lol.

3. It’s electric.

The smell just before a thunder storm.

2. That’s oddly specific.

Exactly like the living room of my rich friend who has a sofa that literally gulps people by its softness.

P.s it smells like you’re a plant in a glass jar with Rocks at the bottom on a spring day where the sun is yellow.

1. This squeezed my heart.

There’s a cabinet in my house that smells like my grandmas house and her house smells like forest and I want my room to smell like that cabinet.

I’m going with my mom’s meatloaf, I think. For real!

What about you? Tell us about it in the comments!