There are some things in life that almost everyone experiences, and if you haven’t, you probably assume that one day it will happen to you, too.

When it doesn’t, it can definitely feel odd. Sort of like you’re left out of a club that includes pretty much the rest of the world, right?

These 17 people have some pretty bizarre experiences to never had had, so keep reading!

17. This is so sad.

Never heard « I love you » or « sorry » from my parents.

I’m close to 40.

Growing up, my parents expressed love through actions, not words. Neither side of my family were very emotionally expressive people.

16. I want this to happen to me, too!

Never met a stray kitten that was begging for me to take it home.

All of the strays I see are on their way somewhere important.

15. It could be that it’s not true…

I’ve never met any of these hot single women in my area that seem so abundant 😔

14. It can be so far away.

I have never seen the ocean.

13. Never once?

Never had to go to the hospital.

12. We were lied to.

Why doesn’t anyone offer me free drugs?!?!?!

Seriously, the DARE program is full of liars.

11. It could be genetic.

Never had a cavity.

My dentist told me different people have different kinds of bacteria prevalent in their mouths. Some have bacteria that tends to form cavities.

Some have bacteria that tends to present gum disease, for instance.

10. Thank your lucky stars.

Never gotten poison ivy.

9. They ARE fun.

Being invited to a wedding. Everyone always tells me about how I’m so lucky to not go to weddings because of how much they end up spending to attend them but I’d like to experience it at least once in my life.

Apparently I’m not close enough to anyone to be invited :/

8. Definitely a stroke of luck.

I’ve never fainted.

I’ve heard it’s the worst, such a horrible feeling. And after it happens you get so scared of it happening again.

7. They must sense him.

I’ve never caught a fish.

We would soend hours a day fishing as a kid in summer and for some reason I never caught one. As an adult people have taken me fishing, determined to help me catch a fish. Nothing.

I’m 40. It will never happen.

6. This seems impossible.

I have never had strep throat.

5. I guess it worked out?

One night stand or FWB relationship.

I tried to have a casual FWB. We’re married now.

4. Your car is thankful.

A friend expressed surprise when I told him I had never, ever seen hail in person.

I know of it, of course, and seen videos and the like, but I’ve never experienced it myself.

I lived most my life in Virginia, and now live in Delaware. Said friend also lives in Virginia, though further south than I.

3. You’re not missing anything.

64 and never smoked anything.

Though I’d like to try smoking a brisket sometime.

2. Same!

I’m almost 29 and I’ve never been stung by a bee/wasp/hornet etc.

So maybe the once I get stung, I will discover that I’m allergic to them.

I’m surprised, because we have quite a few wasps and bees around here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hornet.

1. Careful, sir.

I’ve never been pulled over or gotten a ticket.

42 years old, been driving since I was 16.5. I used my car insurance for the first time ever in 2020, when a tree fell on my home and new car.

It’s amazing, right? To just skip out on some of these things?

Do you have something like this you could share? I’m so curious, so spill in the comments!