We all have different personalities, and different senses of style when it comes to what we wear or how we decorate out homes. Those are the kinds of touches that tell people who we are and what to expect when they step inside our doors, and honestly, shouldn’t that journey start at the entrance?

These 18 people definitely agree, because their doormats are chock-full of personality – and after you scroll through this list, I bet you’ll be shopping for your own flat piece of welcoming (or not) humor, too!

18. I wonder whether or not their neighbors feel the same way.

I liked big mutts until I owned one, honestly.

Got a new doormat today. I think the neighbors are jealous.
byu/kaymyA infunny

17. It’s either that or hiding so you can’t see me.

It really depends on my mood.

Image Credit: Etsy

16. Honestly that second part depends on the day.

Or the level of tolerance, I suppose.

15. I wonder if they were aware of the issue.

Maybe it’s not an issue; who knows?

This doormat belonging to a couple living in my building.
byu/maxington26 inCrappyDesign

14. Guaranteed to make literally everyone laugh.

My favorite quality in a doormat, tbh.

I see we’re laughing at door mats now… here’s mine!
by infunny

13. You thought you knew where that was going, but you were wrong.

That’s never a bad thing.


12. People will think before ringing your doorbell.

Because they’re trying to read your doormat.


11. If you have an Aussie, you know.

And so do all of your friends.

Aussie Hospitality
byu/AtomicCypher infunny

10. Dog people love doormats.

That’s just the truth.


9. Or we just don’t want to talk to you.

It could be either – or both!

The doormat of truth 😂
byu/radbrad7 infunny

8. The person who added this is my favorite person.

They have excellent neighbors. Or delivery people.

New doormat

7. I feel like this is probably super popular.

For reasons.

The most American door mat
byu/Schikelgrubber infunny

6. If you know, you no.

You’re probably also setting out to steal his girlfriend.

My girlfriend had this doormat custom made for me. Looks like I found me a keeper!
byu/W0NdERSTrUM infuturama

5. It pretty much works in every situation.

And that’s what makes a great doormat, wouldn’t you say?

Great doormat.
byu/Mecius infunny

4. See? This one, too.

You’ll really get your money’s worth.

Image Credit: Instagram

3. Hey, nerds.

I found your doormat.

This doormat which says “Welcome” in binary
byu/JamLov inmildlyinteresting

2. They’re such great dogs.

They shed SO MUCH.

Image Credit: Instagram

1. Cat people are laughing so hard right now.

Their cats, not so much.

This persons doormat
byu/chuggada infunny

I love my doormat, but man, these are some excellent options.

What’s your doormat like? If you love it, share it with us in the comments!