I think that doormats are not only a great way to welcome people to your home, but also to inform (warn?) people what they’re getting when they step inside. Are you funny? Traditional? Are they going to walk out with wet tongue scrapes and fur all over them (presumably because of a dog)?

Doormats are the way to let people know!

These 20 people have stumbled across some truly hilarious offerings, so take note!

20. Just a rundown of what to expect.

Or maybe they just have a sleeping toddler. Either the way, don’t mess with it.

19. Some weirdos don’t like dogs.

This is what’s known as a “fair warning.”

Can I have them … plsss from aww

18. This is really very helpful.

Except, do people really still iron these days?

Not just a doormat I want, a doormat I need. from DidntKnowIWantedThat

17. No one wants to hear all of that barking.

Or get mauled at the door.

Image Credit: Imgur

16. Some harsh truths from a mat.

Then again, it’s good to know where you stand (literally).

I’ve been judged by a floor mat from funny

15. Awww, I will listen to her sing any day.

Look at that face!

We got a new front door mat and she’s happy about it from PuppySmiles

14. Game of Thrones fans, this one’s for you.

Though, is anyone still a fan after that last season??

[No Spoilers] My friend got the best possible doormat for Christmas from gameofthrones

13. People with dogs also love doormats about dogs.

This seems to be true, right?

Loving the doormat so much 😁 from dogpictures

12. When you want to appear extremely helpful.

But really you’re just funny.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

11. Knowing my husband, this would be good enough.

Unless he was expecting a package for himself.

Delivered a package this morning. Think I nailed it. from funny

10. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard.

Oh, wait. Yes I do.

My mother recently got divorced, so her sister got her this from funny

9. If you can’t answer, just go ahead and turn around.

Just kidding! (maybe)

8. Doxie owners really love their doxies.

If you’ve met one, you know.

Sausage dog doormat from dogpictures

7. It looks as if your cat is always welcoming you home.

When in reality, that probably happens only 30% or so of the time.

I found a doormat for my new apartment that looks just like my cat, and that makes me happy. from MadeMeSmile

6. This mat serves a dual purpose.

It’s a earworm AND it gives excellent instruction.

Image Credit: Nickel Designs

5. For the nerds in the room.

There are always more of us than we initially thought.

this doormat measures the angle of the open door from mildlyinteresting

4. Yoda is wise.

You should almost always take his advice.

Best doormat ever – Yoda from funny

3. For me, anyway.

If you need more, go read another couple of doormats.

2. It’s important to be inclusive.

This might go a bit too far, though. Hard to say.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

1. Not all dog’s barks are friendly.

And even if they are, not all people want you to visit.

Came home to a surprise new door mat from funny

I’m happy with my Schitt’s Creek doormat, but some of these are still sorely tempting.

What’s your favorite doormat? Share a pic with us in the comments!