Distance learning is one of those things no one asked for, but everyone is getting anyway. Like socks for Father’s Day, or a gift certificate for a pedicure somewhere that’s not your place, if you’re a woman.

We’re all doing our best, which is better some days than others – but these 18 parents are really just ready to chuck it all right in the bin.

18. A truer GIF has never been shared.

Screaming is accurate, too.


17. We hear what we hear.

It’s probably not what the teacher said.

Distance learning
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16. I didn’t know we had to dress for school, too.

I haven’t dressed for anything in months.


15. We were hoping to keep that a secret for awhile longer.

Not forever. But longer.


14. I have never felt so old.

Good thing I’m Gen X, and therefore do not care.


13. Precious, aren’t they?

I wish I could tell people to mute themselves in real life.

12. Imagine feeling this so hard you wrote it on your car.

I mean, maybe you don’t have to imagine.


11. It had to be someone.

Thanks for taking the hit.


10. Only one kid is allowed to freak out at once.

I’m sorry, that’s just the rule.


9. Spoiler alert: they’re never leaving.

The “breaks” aren’t for you.


8. Probably the best you could hope for, honestly.

At least it doesn’t include profanity.

7. We had fun though, right?

Honey? Right?


6. Just mind your business, full stop.

It’s the only way to go.


5. Every dang time.

Why are they like this?


4. Who knocks on the door?

That shouldn’t be allowed currently.


3. Is that all?

Because it feels like at least double.

2. Wait some people are sleeping?

How are they making that happen?


1. Sometimes you have to butt in.

There’s just no other option.

How is distance learning going for you?

If you can tell us without weeping into your wine glass, please do!