Sure, marriage is a solemn institution and not something to be entered into lightly and all of that, but also, the only sure way to survive it is to be able to laugh at how it is also ridiculous.

Having to live, day in and day out, with someone else’s quirks is always fodder for comedy, a fact these 19 marrieds know all too well.

19. That’s what he signed up for.

Whether he knew it at the time or not.

18. It pays to be practical, my friends.

Otherwise, your house will smell like poop.

17. Knowledge is power, people.

And you’ll never remember those things on your own at your age.

16. I mean if you want to wage war.

No better way to declare it.

15. It’s literally right there.

In plain sight.

14. Why is this so true, though?

It’s cracking me up.

13. Followed by an impending sense of dread.

Followed by relief because he’ll never get around to it.

12. He’s probably seen and done worse.

Especially if you’ve had kids.

11. ‘Tis a sad season of life.

Someday they won’t want to talk to you. Take heart.

10. Those are words you never want to say.

Trust me on this one.

9. An important job.

Because he has a history of not paying attention.

8. She can’t complain, because you’re actually vacuuming.

It’s a great plan of attack.

7. Those are a fire hazard!

Yeah, that argument didn’t work on my husband, either.

6. You gotta shoot your shot.

And she’s gotta block it.

5. If you want to cause a panic.

This is one surefire way to do it – or, go shopping and turn off YOUR phone.

4. I fail to see the difference.

Both are basically horror novels.

3. Aww, is that sweet or what?

My hormones can’t handle it.

2. We just went to buy mums. Hubba.

We did get Mexican food, too, so there’s that.

1. It’s a different sort of excitement.

Take it or leave it.

Poke fun at each other and stay married forever.

I’m pretty sure that’s the secret.

If you’ve got a better one, share it with us in the comments!