There is no right or wrong way to do life. There is only the right set of choices for you, and of course those can change as the years of your life slip by.

That said, an increasing number of people are making the decision to remain childfree – not childless – and they don’t mind telling everyone who will listen that they don’t regret their choice, not one single bit.

From the state of the world to the economy to just personal preference, their reasons are sound – and these 20 people are ready and willing to sass anyone who wants to say otherwise.

20. This sounds like goals.

Also a whole mood.

19. Or when they poop.

Or when they just start demanding too much attention. The list goes on and on!

18. Is it the dark circles or the giant coffee that gives us away?

I think it’s the whole not-pretty picture.

17. One of those things requires much more maintenance than the other.

One of them also steals a lot more sleep.

16. Well that’s just not nice.

Rude, is what it is.

15. Or taking a nap. Or eating fancy food.

Ahhhhh there’s just so much I miss.

14. Every choice is valid.

Ones that involve beaches even moreso.

13. Some of them have that extra decibel, too.

Those are the ones that really clench your ovaries.

12. That is the preferred term.

I have to say, I like it. Not that anyone asked.

11. Some people just don’t know what to do with them.

And that’s perfectly fine.

10. Turn the argument around, yes.

People love it when you do that.

9. It doesn’t matter, because guess what?

It’s not your problem!

8. Definitely go with the second one.

You’ve gotta have a little dramatic flair in this life.

7. Don’t look in a mirror while you do it.

You might see how youthful you look and dig in even further.

6. I’d say it depends on the dog.

And the kid, to be honest.

5. Every family looks different.

As long as there’s love, it counts.

4. That’s the best kind of money.

This sounds like a very exciting and nice life.

3. Yes yes a nice baby indeed.

Very squishy.

2. Fingers crossed your kids have good taste.

All cartoons are not created equal.

1. Get your kicks, sir.

You don’t even have to share.


I respect their choices, 100%, and honestly, am a bit jealous of all their alone time.

The grass is always greener, of course. At least for some people.

Are you childfree? Do you have a house full of kids? I love you the same either way!