Parenting is one of those gigs where most days, laughter is a given. Kids are hilarious, our hardly-recognizable lives are fraught with ridiculous changes, and honestly, it can be one of the best recipes for avoiding breaking down in tears.

Luckily, there are millions of people in your shoes, and they get it. That’s why they’re handing out guaranteed laughs like these 20, free of charge.

20. Some dads take the joke requirements extremely seriously.

For better or for worse.

My Dad is adorable and his bad jokes always make me happy.
byu/cslicemarie inMadeMeSmile

19. This is an extremely narrow list.

You can’t be too careful these days, of course.

My parents wouldn’t let me in… something about “Not being on this list”
byu/AZGraybill12 infunny

18. Give those people a grandchild already!

The cat would really appreciate it.

That time I left my cat at my parents house and they made a book…
byu/copitamenstrual inaww

17. He definitely looks as if he’s up for more than a rain shower.

But he can definitely handle that, too.

The time my mom tried to make booties for our dog and ended up making her look like a hooker
byu/Bobby824 infunny

16. This is sooo petty.

I am also very here for it.

15. Why did they even buy the frame?

This is totally something I would do.

I just found out this isn’t me… my parents never took out the stock photo and it’s been there for like ten years.
byu/Pugrito-815 inWellthatsucks

14. That’s not happening.

Let those poor people get some sleep.

My parents just stayed with me for a week. They attempted to stay up until 11pm to welcome me home after a long shift.
byu/Hellhound0nMyTrail inMadeMeSmile

13. Proof of life.

Also proof of attitude.

Asked my mom to take a picture of my cat. Was not disappointed
byu/jokermoonbow inaww

12. That would make me want to call.

This is a person who clearly understands their dog.

The collar my mom has for her dog
byu/Couchrecovery infunny

11. That is one expert troll.

I wholeheartedly approve.

My parents took advantage of the graduation sign trend to shit on me for dropping out
byu/mississippimind infunny

10. Just be happy he’s taking care of himself.

That’s something, which you know if you’ve ever been married.

9. This is a woman who is ready for grandkids.

Until then, your dog is the baby.

For Christmas, my mom got my dog and I matching pajamas.
by infunny

8. Putting her talent to good use, I see.

This is actually pretty cool.

My mom painted this outlet to match the rocks.
byu/newherel inmildlyinteresting

7. This is epic.

This is the mom that I aspire to be,

My mom missed a group photo, so she offered to Photoshop herself in:
byu/milkyboi1 infunny

6. You’re only as young as you feel.

But they’re going to have a lot of bug bites.

My silly parents playing in a leaf pile.
byu/LoveMeSomeGoodLife inMadeMeSmile

5. They totally stole his moment.

I guess they’ve earned it.

Throwback to when my mom forgot to submit my senior baby ad for the yearbook and asked my dad to do it
byu/JestarAuthor infunny

4. I am going to implement this strategy for cleaning the stairs.

The most hated job in every house, clearly.

Every day my parents play Mario Kart 64 to see who will make a cuppa tea. They’ve done this religiously since 2001.
byu/bork1138 ingaming

3. Those are free holiday decorations.

As every frugal father knows.

My dad put food coloring on icicles
byu/whirlpoolin inmildlyinteresting

2. Laughs are everywhere.

The way this tall woman is looking at her is cracking me up.

My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people
byu/gusmom infunny

1. I’m confused as to why a dog needs a cigar.

But also why EVERY dog doesn’t have a cigar.

My mom crocheted my dog a cigar…
byu/Panixcx infunny

I’m dead, y’all. This life is so crazy.

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