The world looks different to kids, and so the things they wish for – on birthdays, holidays, or just in general – are often strange to the adults in the room (and even to the adult versions of themselves).

These 20 people, though, remember really, really wanting these things when they were little, and you never know – they might trigger a bit of nostalgia for you, too.

20. I hope this comes true.

To always have my childhood friends in my life.

19. Get the hamster. Life is short.

Attentions and a hamster!!

Still want those =(

18. Such a whimsical wish.

I wanted I could fly like a bird:):)

17. Those are definitely kid wishes.

1. A bunk bed. I saw it in movies and was always fascinated. I got it much later and had top bunk while my sister had bottom.

2. A mermaid barbie. It was suddenly popular and none of my friends had it. I guess it hadn’t released in India yet and so I would keep asking my dad to get it for me, as he worked abroad. When I finally got one, the novelty wore out very soon.

3. A white swimsuit, which I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere in some movie wore by someone really cool. Again, I asked my dad to get me one and he got me a hot pink bikini instead. Back then I clearly didn’t have the kind of sense that would have told me that anything white would get uncomfortably sheer when wet.

16. Guessing that never happened.

…….the newest most breakable i phone……………

15. Literally everything.

I have memories of around Christmas time or ANYtime I would go and watch the tv and look at all the commercials and just go “MOMMY I NEED THIS!!!”

And it was probably just a pretty Barbie doll. I was around 8 or 9.

I still want those memories bc I’m like almost 13, and my mom used to joke abt me asking for everything 😢

14. Maybe it’s for the best.

A younger sister…

Nope never happened

13. I would still like one of these, please.

A Unicorn !!!!!!!!!!!

12. You can never have enough.

Books, books, books, and more books! (although I still LOVE reading!)

11. Both are definitely valid.

I wanted a Dog and a Tablet and my grandmas cancer to go away.

10. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

For everyone to be treated the same.

9. Sounds like a dream.

24 hours of hanging out with both puppies and kittens, I don’t even care what breed they are!

8. It’s never too late.

Piano Lessons.

Something I intend to do for myself soon.

7. Go Google it.

A silver Egyptian Mau cat.

6. I am so happy for her!

A pony and now I’m in high school and got a part-time job I can afford one and I’m getting him this Christmas

5. Felt that second part.

American girl dolls and my mom to stop bothering me about my messy room.

4. Go get it now!

What I really wanted but never got was a Generation 1 Megatron.

3. We build things up too much.

A Barbie. I got my wish recently and wish I never asked…

2. But at least you had built in friends!

My own room. With 4 siblings, that never happened.

1. Kids can be awful.

For people to stop teasing me for random stuff: my inability to catch, my height etc and to have loyal friends.

I do have some really good friends but some just randomly started ignoring me for no reason.

Ah, to be a kid again.

At least, if you had a good family and stability at home.

To everyone else, I suppose growing up wasn’t quite so much of a shock.