Moms are some of the most hardworking people out there, so if we’re going to take time away from our busy schedules to just scroll the internet, the content better be worth it.

That’s how I feel anyway.

Which is how I know you’re going to love these 22 memes that hit motherhood on the head – totally worth your time, I swear!

22. I didn’t volunteer for this experiment.

Or maybe I technically did.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

21. So many toddlers to keep track of.

And they all live inside your precious little one’s head.

20. Being sick with kids is the worst.

So is being sick when they are also sick.

19. I mean they tried.

My art never comes out like it was in my head either.

18. You can sleep more than once!

Sleep is magical!

17. It’s a magical moment.

If only we could make it last.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

16. What do you suppose that cow did?

Asking for reasons.

15. Not a dang thing.

Mind your business.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

14. All the things.

That’s always what we’re doing.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

13. No one really thinks this will be fun, right?

Snow is the worst if you touch it.

12. That’s gonna be a rough evening.

I’m having one of those myself.

11. It’s a delicate balance.

Time for a little holiday, yeah?

10. Well they’re alive.

That’s all we’ve got some days.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

9. Well this is alarming.

Don’t reward that little smartypants, mama.

8. It’s a lot, y’all.

And we’re using the term “work” lightly.

7. We all know that look.

Nothing good comes after it, let me tell you.

6. We age quickly.

Every single night we do a reset. Hopefully.

5. The day just smells different, right?

So beautiful, even if it’s not.

4. Those nights are rare.

That just makes them extra special.

3. If she’s a mom too, she gets it.

That’s why you need mom friends.

2. We’ve all been there this past year.

It’s not the best.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

1. It’s not so much a break.

But at least you can wear your pajamas all day.


Y’all, take a minute before you go back to work, ok?

Have a coffee and just take a minute to appreciate you. Cheers!