There’s no P.E. class right now, gyms are closed, and if you live in a similar climate to mine, spring isn’t exactly getting the message. It’s dreary, it’s cold, it’s rainy, and pretty much no one wants to get outside.

We all still need to get a bit of exercise every day, though! It’s good for our mental health, good for our physical health, and not hearing “I’m bored!” for a twenty or thirty-minute stress is also a big positive in anyone’s home.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your family fit and healthy and occupied while in the house, here are 8 online classes to try out for yourself!

8. Moovelee

These videos are for toddlers who need to stretch and move even though they’re stuck in the house – and they’re guided by friendly animated monkeys.

The workouts are based on yoga and meditation practice, as well as some traditional skills like running and stretching. Superhero yoga is a must!

7. Cosmic Kids Yoga

These mindfulness and yoga practices are geared toward kids 3 and up, and the channel offers a variety of videos that should be easy enough to follow along at home.

They’re sorted by age and activity level, and there are also dance videos and brain breaks to add to your daily routine.

6. Yoga Ed

These video yoga workouts are for children and teens and range from 10-30 minutes in length. You can choose options for specific topics like communication and self-awareness, or go for general practices that should cover kids of all ages.

5. Jack Hartmann Music Channel

These fun videos incorporate learning and exercise for kids, and your children are going to love them.

4. Little Sports

These kids’ workout videos are fun, engaging, and easy for kids to follow on their own. The videos are short – around 15 minutes apiece – and teach a variety of exercises like stretching and cardio.

3. Go Noodle

There are so many silly videos to choose from, and they’ll all get your kids up, moving, active, and laughing. You can’t go wrong here!

2. Kidz Bop Dance Along

Dancing is great exercise, and sometimes a familiar, popular song is just what your kids need to get off the couch and get moving.

And you’ve got your headphones, so everyone is good to go!

1. Alo Yoga

This YouTube channel features videos for kids that are zen and calming, with a focus on mindfulness and flexibility. They also utilize fun visuals to help kids understand the practice.

I’m definitely going to try these, even if my toddler does get distracted and wander off halfway through – mama needs yoga time!

How are you keeping fit with your family? We’d love your tips in the comments!