Can we just start this article by saying that there are a hundred ways to be smart and/or savvy, and there are also personality traits that are just as important as intelligence.

The world requires all types to go ’round, and even if your kid isn’t going to attend Harvard one day, that doesn’t mean there’s one single reason to be disappointed.

If you’re curious what the earliest signs of a high IQ are, though – and, yes, that comes with its own set of challenges – below are 9 that could mean your little one is destined for ivy-covered walls.

9. They’re poor sleepers.

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Having a child that doesn’t sleep well is frustrating, but you can hold onto the fact that gifted children are typically poor sleepers.

Their brains are too stimulated to rest!

8. They have a good memory.

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Dr. Han Ren, a psychologist specializing in children, says that having a “detailed memory” is an early sign of intelligence – like remembering where a toy was hidden, or quickly being able to recognize faces.

7. Their personality is forward.

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A lively disposition is often indicative of high intelligence, as well as a sense of humor and decent social skills.

6. They’re good at focusing.

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Dr. Deborah L. Ruf, an educational consultant, says that brighter children start paying attention earlier in life.

It might seem like they’re just staring, but you’ll be able to tell soon enough whether they were actually concentrating all along.

5. They have a lot of feelings.

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A big heart often means a big brain, and Dr. Ren says that “demonstrating compassion and empathy for others” is an early sign of intelligence.

If this is true, my kid – who has had “a lot of feelings” since birth – is going to be a genius.

4. They’re comfortable with adults.

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If your kid prefers to spend time with older kids or adults, they might be intelligent – and they might be learning from their older counterparts, not just hanging out.

3. They struggle to sit still.

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Dr. Hillary Hettinger Steiner says that a need for stimulation of all kinds is a sign of intelligence – there’s an upside to a child who is easily bored, essentially.

2. Their language skills are advanced.

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The Davidson Institute, an education foundation for advanced children, believes that “early and prolific use of language is typical in profoundly gifted children.”

1. They have decent genetics.

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If you and your partner are gifted, there is a good chance your kid(s) will be bright. Genetics aren’t the only predictor of intelligence, but they do play a large role.

Just sayin’.

There you have it – but remember, there’s always room for the ability to learn and do better, too!

How did you know you’d given birth to someone who was probably going to end up smarter than you? Tell us in the comments!