As a parent, I honestly can’t believe there is anything my kids could do that would make me stop loving them. There are things they could do that I wouldn’t approve of, of course, but to actually not love them because of who they are, or to want them to hide who they love around me?

I just can’t imagine it.

This father’s story is just heartbreaking and sweet from the beginning. He admits that he wasn’t much involved in his son’s life for the first twelve years as he was battling his own demons (addiction), but when his son confessed he was being abused by his mother and stepfather, OP (original poster) stepped up.

He got clean, he got custody, and the two of them never looked back.

My son and his "friend" are a couple. How do I let them know it’s okay? from relationship_advice

The father (being a good dad) has suspected his son to be gay since high school (probably earlier) but they’d never discussed it. When he brought a “friend” home to stay during this forced break from college, though, it became clear the two were dating.

He doesn’t want his son to have to hide that truth under his roof, so the father came to Reddit asking for advice on how to broach the subject without making everyone uncomfortable.

The replies will just warm your heart.

Many people stated a wish to have a parent like OP, who was faithful, proud, and accepting.

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Others relayed sweet ways their own parents handled the situation.

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Or how they wished they would have.

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And tears were flowing everywhere.

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He’s offered to be anyone’s surrogate dad who needs it, and also posted an update about what went down when he put some of the advice into practice.

UPDATE: my son and his "friend" are a couple. How do I let them know it’s okay? from relationship_advice

My heart is an actual puddle, y’all.

Let’s all parent like this guy, okay?

It’s the right thing to do.