Becoming a mother for the first time that’s something impossible to describe.

You want to laugh and cry all of the time.

You want to hold them every minute and you want them to be independent.

You want to poop alone and you love that they always want to be near you.

You’re dying for some alone time, but the minute you step out the front door, you miss your baby.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotion, and honestly, the contradictions have been one of the toughest aspects for me to sort through!

For all of our exhaustion, all of our being touched out, and all of our wanting just one minute to feel like our old selves, the truth is that most of us realize we should appreciate each and every stage as it comes and goes. That can feel impossible sometimes, when you’re sleep-deprived, when you’re dealing with morning sickness and a coming sibling, or you’ve suddenly got your hands full with two.

Mom Amy Schumer is still just a mommy to one – little Gene, who is around fifteen months old – and she’s soaking up every moment.

Like all of us, there are those snapshots when our hearts ache, our throat gets tight, and we just wish we could hit pause.

The age her Gene is – around 15-20 months – is also my favorite baby/toddler stage. Once they hit 2 (and, brace yourselves, 3) there’s more sass, more big emotions, and more helping them learn how to navigate things themselves.

If we’re being honest, it also means less patience on our parts, because they’re no longer babies.

She’s in that sweet spot right now, even as she and her husband work through IVF in the hopes of giving Gene a sibling, and yeah, I’m feeling her sentiment right in my ovaries.

The great thing is, now that I have one that’s older, I can promise Amy (and all of you) that every stage has something special, something unique, and something you’re going to be sorry to see go.

And sure, they’re not always going to be squishy and sweet and hilarious, but someday they’ll understand your sarcasm and biting wit.

If you ask me, that’s something to look forward to.