Riddles are one of those things that anyone can enjoy. We all love to get our brain juices flowing, we all love to challenge ourselves, and when family is involved, most of us are also quick to rise to a competition.

If you’ve got a houseful of folks who really love to prove whose smartest, you’ll all want to try these 10 riddles on for size.

10. Try to imagine it.

Riddle: How can you physically stand behind your father if he is standing behind you?

Answer: You and your father are back-to-back.

9. Always in the right.

Riddle: What can you hold in your right hand but never in your left hand?

Answer: Your left hand.

8. Neck and neck.

Riddle: I have a neck with no head and two arms with no hands. What am I?

Answer: A shirt.

7. A little bit of maths.

Riddle: If eleven plus two equals one, what does nine plus five equal?

Answer: Two.

6. Once is all it takes.

Riddle: Once you are given one, you either have two or none?

Answer: A choice.

5. Nothing wrong, you say?

Riddle: There was a man who was born before his father, killed his mother, and married his sister. There was nothing wrong with what he had done, why?

Answer: His father was in front of him when he was born, therefore he was born before him. His mother died while giving birth to him. Finally, he grew up to be a minister and married his sister at her ceremony.

4. A bit of a switcheroo.

Riddle: Which English verb becomes past tense just by rearranging the letters?

Answer: “Eat” which can turn into “ate”.

3. The test of time.

Riddle: I am never scared but became petrified and can’t live in a house but would die to make one. What am I?

Answer: A tree.

2. Four is enough.

Riddle: It has five wheels though often thought of as four but you cannot use it without that one more. What is it?

Answer: A car.

1. Lights and sizes.

Riddle: Different lights make me strange by changing me into different sizes. What am I?

Answer: A pupil.

I definitely would not have been the smartest one in my house with these!

Did your family solve them all? Tell us how you did down in the comments.