I know that some people are already sitting there thinking, “dang, parents are going way too far trying to make the experience of childhood magical,” but hear me out.

First of all, everyone is trying to cope the best they can right now, and second – I think half of the “magic” is for the parents themselves, not only for watching their kids’ eyes light up.


And the latest magic to light up everyone’s summer garden are magical bean pole tents.


Yes, like Jack and the Beanstalk, but with no monsters or ogres or whatever lived up there in the clouds.


If this idea intrigues you, make sure and look closely at all of these images, plus watch the video below.


For now, here’s your materials list: poles, twine or string, and pole bean seeds or annual climbing flower seeds.


Your kids can help out, which will teach them about growing and caring for plants, and in the end, the pretty little structures are sure to improve everyone’s summer.


And look at how happy this tot is in her bean bungalow that’s close to being finished…


Now, of course there are those who take this kind of thing MUCH more seriously… and this bean tent is LEGIT.


Here’s a tutorial if, like me, you’re still wondering whether or not you can pull this off.

OK, I’m definitely doing this with my kids next summer. It seems so easy!

We could all use a little more magic in our lives, if you ask me!