We all love watching celebrities become moms, I think partly because they look so much better doing it than we ever could, and it’s nice to imagine having it all together.

It’s equally funny, it turns out, to imagine what it would look like if we tried to imitate their posts – and we know because Australian comedian Celeste Barber is taking one for the team and giving it a try.

These 12 images should make you laugh (and probably also make you follow her page – I know I did)!

12. What these drivers must have thought.

I’m laughing just thinking about it.


11. I am jealous of celebrity bathtubs.

What is on the bottom of this one?


10. That swimsuit is holding on for dear life.

And that shower cap. *chef’s kiss*


9. The picture she put on her wall is the best part.

I hope she left it there.


8. Ain’t it the truth?

It’s a sad state of affairs for those of us who can’t afford surgery.


7. Black and white flatters everyone.

So do mustaches, I suppose.


6. They honestly all look like they’re having fun.

Cheers to that.


5. A kiddie pool is not the same as a beach.

But I mean, it’s better than nothing.


4. We’re gonna need a bigger sheet.

Or maybe a bigger dude, idk.


3. Sometimes they’re not the same size.

Or the same length anymore.


2. Doesn’t everyone pack in their underpants?

I know I do.


1. She’s got the right idea on the alcohol.

Full-sized bottle, please.


These are completely classic and I cannot get enough.

Which one was your favorite? Tell us down in the comments!