We can all feel instinctively that there’s a difference between moms and dads, but putting your finger on just what separates parents by gender can be hard to do.

If you’re looking for help defining what makes a mom a mom and a dad a dad, there are 9 jokes that do a pretty good job highlighting the differences – and bonus, they might make you laugh, too.

9. And I really don’t think they can see a difference.

Either that or it’s planned incompetence, to get out of it in the future.

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8. Hahahaha dads don’t pack.

They have magic suitcases that pack themselves.

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7. It’s like dad is a complete invalid.

Which he obviously is NOT.

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6. You said take the kids for a walk.

Not how to take them for a walk.

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5. Moms don’t get colds.

They get a big bottle of DayQuil and move on.

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4. Babies don’t sleep.

At least, my babies didn’t sleep.

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3. Both are valid questions.

It’s the order that really matters.

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2. And you wonder why she wants mom to do it.

What an utter disaster. It’s like they’ve never seen hair!

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1. Dads are all about the payback.

Moms are more subtle when they take their revenge for toddlerhood.

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I know not everyone follows the curve, but I do feel like these are largely true.

What are the biggest things you see separating moms and dads? If we haven’t covered it here, share it in the comments!