If you know and love a troll in your own life, then you know one thing is always true – they are up for trolling no matter the situation, people involved, or any consequences that may come.

These 9 dads prove that’s true, because they are pulling some seriously shady stunts on their own dear families – and I’ve got to be honest, it’s pretty funny.

9. His daughter looks sooooo amused.

Except the opposite.

Dad being dad.
byu/earphone4 infunny

8. I would have been suspicious had he passed this up.

He might have been ill.

7. Don’t spend it all in one place.

And make sure to thank him for all of the electricity and stuff.

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6. This is so not right.

I am also so here for it.

Girl got her phone taken away by her parents and later her dad slid this under her door
byu/GallowBoob inpics

5. Did this work?

If so, he may have started a trend.

Thanks Dad
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4. She should have seen this coming.

There was no way to stop it.


3. Trolling is the only way to respond to a group chat.

If only it made them stop.


2. I actually think this is an argument for leaving dads in charge.

How can you argue differently?

Reason #82 why dad’s shouldn’t be left alone with their kids.
byu/mikerockitjones infunny

1. He calls ’em like he sees ’em.

And I mean. He’s probably not wrong.

No one is safe from the trolls, y’all! Especially when the trolls are actually related to you! Ack!

Who is the biggest troll in your life and why do you love them? No, not because you’re obligated to. Give us a better answer than that.

Tell us about it in the comments!