There are trolls all over the world, and as long as their antics are harmless, we generally laugh at their jokes.

It can be less funny – or sometimes more funny – when the call is coming from inside the house. And these 11 dads took their trolling motor out at home, getting their own families pretty darn good.

11. I’d be concerned about a dad who didn’t do this.

What else can you do with these? The possibilities seem endless!

10. You better pay up, son.

That’s a valid request and you need to pay attention.

9. Fastest hands in the West!

They have to learn somehow. And this is as good a way as any.

Dad using 100% of his brain murders daughter in cold blood
byu/samcornwell inWatchPeopleDieInside

8. That poor f**king dumb baby.

Why am I laughing so hard? Because it’s f**king funny?

Girlfriend’s dad thought he would treat his daughters dog to a new name tag.
byu/tombola201uk infunny

7. He’d been planning that for awhile.

He bought an outfit and everything. And that is amazing.


I was trying to film a dance and my dad walked out… so many questions😂😂 I promise this wasn’t staged!! @maggiesdad123

♬ original sound – chass

6. I have no idea what I’m looking at.

But I am not mad about it at all.

Dad bought mom a new mask
byu/jeanlagrande infunny

5. If you’re using the word “learned” loosely.

At least he’s got time to perfect it.

4. This is for posterity.

I bet he was dreaming of the day his grandkids would see it.

Throwback to when my mom forgot to submit my senior baby ad for the yearbook and asked my dad to do it
byu/JestarAuthor infunny

3. Man made his own Snapchat filter.

Bless him.

2. He captured that beautiful moment.

This image should go on Wikipedia.

I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke.
byu/Tio76 infunny

1. This is some A+ parenting.

Empathy be damned.

The family that plays together, stays together! And laughs together. And probably eats together.

Yes, they definitely eat together.

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