If there’s not a dad joke hall of fame there really should be, don’t you think?

I mean, that way we could know who to avoid if we’re not in the mood for puns…just kidding, because that’s not a thing!

These 9 dads are really on top of their games, and I know this content is just what you want today, so read on!

9. We’re so close here. So very close.

There’s still a lot of infighting, though, so we shouldn’t feel bad.

8. At least they know the fire plan! Get out!

But who has a land line? Answer: nobody.

7. Happens to the best of us. And the worst of us. And everybody else.

Get one of those little jump boxes and never use a jumper cable again.

6. You do what you gotta do! Just don’t do this again.

We’re in the trenches, here.


5. It’s about both? I guess?

That’s how you know it’s about a man and not a woman.

4. It’s the probably that would worry me.

Unless she’s really good with words.

3. It’s not like they’d listen before they got hurt.

Or after, to be honest.

2. Pullovers are life.

Anyone who buys snap onesies for babies is pure evil.

1. Life is really wearing on them.

Poor babies.

This is what I need every single day. When I get up. In the middle of the day, and when I go to bed.

If we’re being honest – funny people telling the truth about the parenting trenches.

Which one had you in stitches? Tell us all about in the comments!