There’s no way to know when a father will reach peak dad levels with their jokes. We know the talent begins the moment they become a father, but as far as heights, well, the sky’s the limit.

These 10 dads have to be getting close, though, because their tweets are things of beauty.

10. It’s so very, perfectly terrifying.

And payback for you doing it to your parents.

9. She’s doing the good work, I see.

Everyone needs a surprise space fact. To the moon and back!

8. That’s a lot of yikes.

But hopefully no one was arrested. Or maybe that would have been better?

7. You probably won’t even KNOW what they’re doing if they’re quiet.

It’s all fun and games and puppy dog tails until the screaming starts.

6. That seems like peak parenting.

Stashing this away for later. Don’t judge me.

5. Yeah, that’s the MINIMUM we should earn.

And get kick butt retirement plans, too. And ponies.

4. Anything but that! Anything but the Depp!

Watch out for those weird glasses making an appearance. And the ability to make funny voices.

3. I can see it! Can you?

Should we vote this into law right now?

2. You have to admire her ingenuity.

But don’t believe her when she says she’ll take care of the dog.

1. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it.

About half of us do. And about 75% of us have thought about it.

Parenthood is just so weird and special and sometimes totally awful, right?

What’s your favorite dad joke? Regale us in the comments!