If there’s one thing that’s always true, it’s that men and women approach parenting differently. As a mom who can admittedly be a kind of a control freak, being okay with how my husband cares for the kids when I’m away – even though it doesn’t look at all like it does when I care for the kids – has been one of the hardest, but most necessary, lessons of parenting.

It helps when dads come up with “dad” ways of doing things that make you laugh – partly because you can’t believe they actually work, and partly because you never would have thought of it yourself.

And yeah, if there’s a hack for the endless and tedious task of washing baby bottles, let me hear it.

The man who came up with the idea found himself with baby bottles to wash for not just one newborn, but three. And with triplets on hand, absolutely anything that saves time is worth a shot.

His wife posted a video of his genius dad hack for washing all of those bottles and people just loved it.

Their triplets were a month old when the video was posted, and if you too find yourself with more bottles than time, you might want to attach your scrub brush to the end of a power drill and let it do the work.

Image Credit: Facebook

Aerol Peterson’s wife Christy arrived home from grocery shopping to find him washing away with one hand and thought it was brilliant.

His response:

“Smarter not harder, bro.”

The sink was full of clean bottles, so clearly, he wasn’t wrong.

Image Credit: Facebook

Her impromptu video has been watched over 11 million times and shared 215 thousand times, so I can only imagine that there are hundreds of dads all over the country jumping at the chance to use their power tools in the kitchen.

I mean. Tell me I’m wrong.

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