No matter where you went to school or how long ago those days were, there’s a good chance you remember the “different” kid in your class.

If you don’t, well…maybe you were the different kid, and that’s ok too. We’re all grown up now, and hooray for that!

These 14 people have some pretty distinct recollections, and I just bet they’re going to jog some old-school memories for you, too.

14. He was probably telling the truth, then.

We were freshmen in an urban high school. He made increasingly wild claims like he had a bunch of illegal automatic weapons, he made poison darts and blow guns, his sensei could outrun an arrow fired from a bow and he was learning how to do it, he had a nitro kit in his trans am that he used to outrun police.

He transferred to another school.

The next I heard of him two years later he had crashed into a brick wall and died while fleeing the police. The report said he lost control when he engaged his nitro kit…

13. I’m sensing a theme here.

Collected earthworms when it rained (in the pouch of his hoodie…) and then laid them out in the schoolyard, spelling his own name. He cried when he saw that it had been scraped from the pavement the next day.

By that time he was around thirteen. Predictably, people (we) started calling him “worm-kid”. He got expelled around a year later, for throwing a fistful of earth at a teacher.

12. Hormones, man.

A girl had developed much earlier than everyone else. (She had like double D’s and severe acne in grade 6). She used to act out weird scenes from tv shows by herself at recess. She was the type who told everyone she had a bf who had a Porsche, but went to a different school (again, we were like 12).

People made fun of her for the usual things, and shit she did but one day things took a dark and strange turn.

Some girl named Katie said something to her in line after lunch and she lost it. She smoked Katie in the head with her flute case and then hit some other kid who wasn’t saying anything. She then spit chocolate milk all over a teacher who asked what was going on….

Everyone was pretty shocked… But then she proceeded to sit down on the ground, started to cry and pissed her pants right there.

The ground was kinda sloped away from the school so the puddle formed, and then created like a stream of piss all the way to the field (maybe 15-20 feet).

Everyone just stood there in shock at how many things had just happened in the span of 90 seconds.

11. I bet he’s making good money now.

He drew Pokémon porn during class… for a few years

10. A recipe for disaster.

Ate a battery in class. Pissed in a bottle on a bus full of 60 kids. Chipped his tooth sucking on a Tajin packet.

All his siblings are named the same name. Martin.

9. You never can tell.

When we were about 15, Harrison (we were all addressed by our surnames) decided one day to wrap his penis in adhesive tape during a biology lesson. I can’t remember why, nor how he managed to remove it, but I was impressed.

He also held the record for stabbing into the desk between each finger of his outstretched hand with a compass (a very sharp point) as fast as possible, despite hitting a finger at least once.

He later became a distinguished surgeon.

8. Nooooooo omg.

Took a bite of a urinal cake because he was curious.

7. I mean. This had to happen eventually.

There were twin boys in my high school who were just odd. We were in Spanish class together, and the teacher had this habit of making beeping sounds to get the attention of students who were talking, etc.

So one day that’s happening and the teacher goes, “Beep! Beep! Beep!” And one of the twins shouts, “FIRE ZE MISSILES!” crawls under his desk and runs out of the room.

I thought it was so funny I about fell out of my chair laughing.

6. Well that’s disgusting.

He was known for doing a ton of odd shit but the only one I personally saw was when he ate a piece of gum that was stuck to the bottom of a kid’s shoe… this was in high school.

5. That will definitely do it.

He would bark like a dog when talked to. He probably had some mental problems but most people just avoided him.

4. Not the sort of horse girl I was thinking.

We had “that horse girl”. She always pranced around like a horse, would snort in surprise, that sort of thing. In grade 5 and 6 she always wanted to play horses.

My friends and I told her that was so lame, then we would go off to play wolves instead.

3. I’m going with abuse.

A girl in my year at school told us that she has a ghost in her bedroom and it told her that if she didn’t brush her teeth it would burn her house down.

Another girl said she wanted to have s^x with our Head Master but she was like 7 at the time. And she used to scratch people in the face like a cat.

I held the door open for her once and she flipped me off and called me a fu*king bi*ch.

2. At least he had the club.

I was the president of an improv club at my high school. The weird kid was a member. Now, remember that episode of The Office when Michael would interrupt every improv scene as a cop? It was like that, except this kid always had an evil/dark magic theme.

Characters in the scenes turned out to be his evil brother from the dark outlands. Imaginary props would turn into mythic swords formed from shadows. But this kid was so desperately unpopular, no one had the heart to kick him out of the club.

1. A mysterious stranger.

He was very into the fantasy of war games. He would get super excited when anyone would “play” along with him.

We had over 5,000 students in the school and many people knew about him and would pretend to shoot at him for a laugh due to his antics. It all had to stop when someone pretended to shoot him with a bazooka and he jumped backwards down a flight of stairs from the “explosion”.

Some one who is still unknown ran through the school with nothing on but a spider man mask. He ran down the longest hallway we had ( a quarter mile long ) Willy flopping in the wind and no teacher or monitor could stop his majestic run.

I do not think I would go back to middle school, not for all of the money in the world.

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