Kids have active imaginations, and sometimes those imaginations can come up with some seriously creepy stuff – to adults. Apparently random animals and people wandering around the house at all hours of the day and night are something to make matter-of-fact comments about if you’re a kid.

I can relate, as the other night my 3yo climbed in our bed because “something is tapping on my window.”

Yeah. Wide awake.

I can only imagine these people felt the same way. At first, the adults were slightly amused by a little girl who thought the standard house noises made by water and pipes were the “white wolves.”

The girl was afraid, but when she decided the white wolves were friendly, the mother encouraged it.

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Then, the girl said this.

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Yeah. Yikes.

What would you do?!

The commenters on the post didn’t so much have ideas as anger, because now they can’t sleep.

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Or they’re definitely going to have to keep the lights on all night.

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Yeah, no one is sleeping.

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Except for maybe this oddball.

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I need a followup on this one, because I definitely need to know whether they hired an exorcist (for the kid or the house or both) or if there’s more to the story.

Perhaps the wolves are the good guys, and they protect her from the weirdo on the floor.

Either way, i do hope this is all a product of an active imagination, and not a girl who is being molested asking for help. I always worry about that.

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