There are many positives about being a parent in the age of the internet, which is good…because there are also more than a few downsides.

One of the very best things is how easily we can connect with other parents now, which not only helps us ask for advice and lean on stronger shoulders when we need them, but just makes us feel less alone.

And these 11 memes and moments are so universal that you’ll know for sure that someone else has already lived through the crazy moment you’re experience right now!

11. Who says dads aren’t involved parents?

I know, I know, it’s all for the picture.

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10. This is one of the most accurate descriptions of parenthood I have ever seen.

Also, about that mousepad…

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9. This is wayyyy too real these days.

Sure I could  have a clean house, but…

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8. It’s the circle of life.

And no, it’s not as beautiful as Disney would have you believe.

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7. The you in the game definitely doesn’t have kids.

Or a job or anything else to give you anxiety at night.

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6. What a beautiful story.

I knew it had to have an ending like that.

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5. It’s a classic playlist.

Toddlers have been perfecting their brand of terrorism for a long time.

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4. Things would go more smoothly if they would realize early on where they got their psycho from.

And we have more practice wielding it for results.

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3. Or vice versa, but yeah.

Having it all is one big fat joke.

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2. Embarrassing your teens is what parenting is all about.

You have to live through those years somehow.

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1. This is one instance where the good old days are not exaggerated.

I know the day will come again when they will eat what I cook…*dreams*

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I am laughing so hard about how weird kids and parents and families are!

In the best possible way, of course.

Tell us which one was your favorite in the comments!