Everyone who is anyone has spent some time on the classic children’s series The Muppets. For my generation it was The Muppet Babies, a show my own children are getting into these days, and their recent revival in movies for adults has been a charming walk through our youths.

Celebrities are getting into it, too, grabbing chances to appear with The Muppets when they can, and James Cordon did just that when he invited some of them onto his show.

After Statler and Waldorf – the two grumpy old men from The Muppets – showed on on James Cordon’s late show to drag his monologue jokes, we’re sure that the Muppets aren’t big fans of the television hosts comedy.

The two heckle him over a video call until Kermit and Fozzie show up, presumably to rescue the human, but end up panning all of the jokes, too.

It’s worth a watch.

Image Credit: YouTube

Even if the crew isn’t into Cordon’s comedy, their newest video together seems to suggest they do rather enjoy his singing.

Or maybe they just like singalongs?

Either way, we’re glad for it, because him, Reggie Watts, and the house band singing along with the Muppets to the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends” is charming and delightful.

Image Credit: YouTube

Yes, all three minutes of it.

Go ahead and watch it, because you know you want to.

Keep the tab open, too, because the chances are high that you’re going to want a smile sooner rather than later.

You’re welcome!