Yes, football largely takes place on Sunday afternoons, but there are Monday night games, Thursday night games, and the playoffs already utilize Saturdays in order to get games done in single weekends.

One fan has had enough, and he’s not letting the fact that he’s just a kid stop him from trying to change the status quo.

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New York teen Frank Ruggeri started a petition on asking that we make Super Bowl Saturday a thing, and he’s already amassed 33,000 signatures with his practical argument – who wants to have their enjoyment of the day hampered by worries of having to get up early the next day?

He also argues that revenue, ticket prices, visitors, and TV ratings would increase if people didn’t have to go to sleep early.

Though CNN points out that the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 prohibits the NFL from holding games on Fridays and Saturdays so that high school and college footballs can have their time on the air, the fact that those seasons are over by February means the NFL could move the game if they wanted to.

Despite the fact that a 2019 survey revealed that 17.2 million workers said they might call in sick the Monday after, don’t look for the NFL to give in anytime soon. They’ve had plenty of time to run the numbers themselves, after all, and if they figured there was money to be made in moving to Saturdays, they already would have done it.

One institution that’s probably glad is the Church, since a Saturday night Super Bowl would probably kill that Sunday’s attendance.

The way it is, everyone shows up to church on Super Bowl Sunday – it’s one last chance to ask for a little help for your team.

It never hurts to ask, after all.