If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that stories – however they’re told – are for whoever connects with them on the other end. Men, women, children, non-binary people, literally anyone…if you like a book or a movie or a television show, then if someone suggests its not “for you,” they’re dead wrong.

My blood is actually boiling at the knowledge that a kid had the stones to tell a little girl that she couldn’t be part of a fandom that doesn’t belong to him.

Luckily, I’m not alone, and the great Luke Skywalker himself is on my side.

First, the post…

Kristal Foster’s 5-year-old daughter loves Star Wars, was wearing her favorite movie-themed shoes to school when a boy in her class informed her that she shouldn’t wear them because the franchise “isn’t for girls.”

She tagged Mark Hamill in the post on the topic, and he responded epically.

First, quoting Princess Leia…

And then he reminded everyone that the films would have ended midway through the first one had Leia not been around to rescue both Han and Luke from certain death.

Other people jumped in on the #StarWarsIsForEveryone – rightfully so.

Oh, I’m sorry… is the galaxy only filled with BOYS?

And Leia! Remember Leia!

Star Wars ladies unite!

And who was the main character in the last three films? Ahem…

The next time you hear someone try to tell someone else that some piece of art or media “isn’t for them,” you have my permission to summon Princess Leia (or Carrie Fisher) and give them a serious piece of your mind.

And maybe a middle finger. Carrie wouldn’t have it any other way.