Parents everywhere know that it’s important to teach our children to be respectful human beings, and that part of that is picking up after yourself. Trash, laundry, toys…picking them up can be harder than it seems (apparently), but we’ve all got to do it.

Parents also know – or at least, they should – that humor is the key to every good, communicative relationship.

Mom Xep Campbell and her daughter Kestrel illustrate this fact super well with this post about a forgotten sock on the bathroom floor.

I can only imagine that, before Mom decided to cheekily enter it as a museum exhibit, Kestrel was asked to collect said sock more than once.

Image Credit: Facebook

Instead of taking the hint about the dirty laundry having been in one place for too long, Kestrel added a pedestal.

Art deserves an appropriate display, right?

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It also deserves an audience, Mom thought.

A riveted audience.

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Their game continued. No word on if or when the sock has been deposited in the appropriate receptacle, but in the meantime, at least the farm animals have something interesting to look at.

Image Credit: Facebook

If only farm animals in real life were treated as well.

Consider this your reminder to yes, parent your children and do your best to raise them right.

But also, don’t forget to have fun with them now and then – before you know it both they and their dirty socks will be but a memory in your home.

And sure, it will be picked up all the time.

But it will be awfully quiet, too.