If you’re having any kind of parenting day other than an amazingly easy one (in which case, please carry on), it never hurts to read through some funny takes on how other parents are managing to make it through.

These 16 parents are being put through the wringer, same as the rest of us, but they’re letting us all laugh at them along the way – and that, my friends, is a gift you don’t want to give back.

16. It’s going to be a long night.

No way around it.

15. Now that this thought is in my head, I’m disappointed, too.

That would be pretty fun, not gonna lie.


14. They’re a phenomenon, really.

This is a great answer.

13. When a two-year-old is worried, you know it’s bad.

Also, never trust a five year old.

Image Credit: Someecards

12. You’ve gotta do your part.

It’s what family does.

11. You’ve gotta get back on the horse.

Even if that means eating more carrots.

10. I think you just answered your own question.

It’s never, obviously.

9. I mean one grilled cheese is never enough.

So she really only has herself to blame.


8. It’s really not.

But it would have been funny to let him do it, anyway.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. What are daughters for?

She’s gonna make you pay for that one day.

6. Why would you?

The world will do that for you someday.

5. At least someone gets it.

Another woman is going to be very happy some day.

4. Spoiler Alert: it is not going to be cool.

No. Not ever. Not once.

3. A glimpse into my future at the old person’s home.

God willing, of course.

2. Only five minutes?

That kid needs to learn some grit.

1. The important thing is that they lived, son.

Also, you’re drinking tea. You already knew you were old!

My goal in life is to make one of these lists one day.

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