Netflix seems to have a mainline into what makes their viewers tick – we love their programming, we can’t get enough, and they just constantly keep it coming.

It turns out that’s true of their children’s programming, too, and what’s not to love about combining Netflix with everyone’s favorite childhood game, The Floor is Lava?

Image Credit: YouTube

The show, by the same name, is a riff on the game we all loved, where we navigated the house without touching the floor. Three teams compete as they navigate elaborate sets where the floor actually looks like lava – it’s yellow, orange, and red as it splashes and fizzes around the contestants.

Image Credit: YouTube

It’s super fun to watch, and the special effects add to the magic. It looks scary, but it’s not real, even if contestants who fall into the lava actually look as if they’ve been swallowed by the depths forever.

Image Credit: YouTube

The sets resemble actual rooms in houses – a basement with a bug-covered wall, a bedroom with a rotating bed – and the show’s production value is delightful.

And let’s be honest – humans of all ages love watching other people take (fairly harmless) tumbles.

The show strikes the right notes of competition and silliness, with low stakes but tons of potential for fun – if you ask me, it’s just what we’re all craving right this moment, even if we didn’t know it before now.

The Floor is Lava is available now, so make some plans to sit in front of the television with your kiddos and have a good-natured laugh at other people’s expenses today.

I highly doubt any of you will regret it.