Most people realize that picking a name for a human being is a huge responsibility and treat it as such.

That said, even if you’re seriously considering your baby’s name, there are tons of options – a family name, something popular, something unique, something that reflects pop culture at the time…it can be overwhelming.

This woman and her husband had been struggling to come up with a name they both liked for their firstborn son when an option РJulian Рcame to mind while OP was watching Star Trek reruns.

Her husband really liked it, too, and so for a time it seemed as if they may have found their match.

I (33F) am 7-months pregnant with our son, who doesn’t have a name yet. I also like Star Trek, especially DS9, which I’ve started rewatching recently.

If you are familiar with the series, you will certainly remember Dr. Julian Bashir. I’ve always thought Julian is a pretty name, but I’d forgotten about it before my rewatch. So when I heard it again, I texted my husband, asking his opinion about the name. He loved it, so for a while we both wanted to name our son Julian.

I didn’t tell him where I got the name. We’ve been doing that since I found out I was pregnant. Texting each other names we’ve heard somewhere or read or something, and we didn’t always specify where we heard it. None of the names was something we both liked until Julian.

That is, until he realized that she’d heard and suggested it after watching the aforementioned program.

Now he thinks it’s weird to name a child after a character on television and worries that other people/kids will make fun of him if they find out.

Yesterday I was watching DS9 again while my husband was home. He happened to pass by when the name Julian was said on screen. He stopped and asked me if this is where I got the name. I said yes. He said we can’t name our son Julian.

I asked why, he said he loved it. He said it’s weird to name a real child after a character and we’ll be assholes if we do that to our son. I said that I just like the name as did he until now and the fact that it’s a Star Trek character name is just a bonus.

He says people will laugh or make fun of our son if they find out. I say no one is entitled to know the backstory of his name. It’s a name we like and that’s it. He said that’s not something people do.

So I suggested to come here and see what people think.

She says it doesn’t matter where it’s from and anyway, they don’t have to tell anyone where she heard it, right?

Plus, it’s not weird.

AITA for wanting to name our son Julian or is he for rejecting it just because a character shares it?

It’s a real name, not like I want to name him Spock or, God forbid, Dukat.

What does Reddit have to say on the matter, you ask? Keep scrolling to find out!

The top comment pointed out that if we ruled out every name that had been used by Hollywood there wouldn’t be many left.

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And really, Julian is a classic name.

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If you both like it, go for it!!

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It’s definitely not something people will immediately identify with the show.

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It’s actually like, an OG classic.

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She posted an update that her husband read the post and the comments and is (likely) coming around.

UPDATE: Okay, I didn’t expect to get so much engagement on this post. Thanks everyone who shared their judgment and their stories. I’m sorry I can’t respond to everyone, but I will read all. Now to the update.

I showed this post to my husband and he read the comments. He’s still reading and laughing sometimes, but he’s already admitted that he was stressing over it too much and building up unlikely scenarios in his head. As I suspected, he’s just very nervous about becoming a dad and wants everything to be perfect.

He also asked to add that he’s not a stubborn, no fun allowed person as he comes off in this post, which I can confirm.

Anyway, Julian is back in the game! If the game was darts, he’d definitely win, but we’ll still look around for other names we like. Thanks, reddit!

I guess we’ll find out for sure when they fill out the birth certificate!

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