I’m not sure what the age cutoff is for people not understanding emojis – my guess is that it’s perhaps around 55 or 60? But once you meet a person who is confused about what they mean and when to use them, your first clue will be that they don’t understand how to use this guy:


That’s right, even though the “laughing crying” emoji is a favorite across the board, people over a certain age don’t really seem to see him correctly.

Here are 12 people who just really, really should have asked someone younger if they were doing it right before deploying this particular emoji in a text or post.


12. The words and the background just…

11. OMG that poor dog. Why am I laughing?


10. Oh, yeah, you seem very sorry. Ha!


9. I’m no expert, but I’m not sure you’re praying correctly?

Thoughts and prayers πŸ™πŸ½
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8. Poor puppy!

Image Credit: Twitter

7. “Love, Grandma” I’m dead.

6. Yes, it is a sad day…so why are you laughing?


5. I’m guessing Bingo found his day less than hilarious.


4. TBH a lot of this is confusing.

3. Oddly, I think Robin Williams would have appreciated the humor.

2. Bless his or her heart.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. Well, if that doesn’t make you feel better I’m not sure what would!


Now I’m crying laughing, y’all, so maybe they’re not using it as wrong as I’d thought? Hard to say!

Have you ever used an emoji wrong and been schooled? I definitely want to hear about it in the comments!