Delivering babies is not for the faint of heart…but also, if you’re not the one being kept awake by pains, poking, prodding, shifting, baby’s cries, or some combination of the above, well, it can be tough to stay alert through it all.

I mean, labor can last a long time, I get it. Everyone is tired afterward (except your baby). But if you’re there to play the role of supportive partner, napping really shouldn’t be an option.

Which is exactly what expectant mom Samatha Mravik-Miller was thinking when she included a Nerf gun in her hospital bag.

Her post read,

“Worried about the nights in the hospital with your newborn & dad sleeping?

Well…then don’t forget one of these in your hospital bag.”

She included a photo of her holding the gun, ready to wake him up the moment he dared think that a women who had just birthed a baby should be the same person losing the most sleep.

Samantha told Romper that she’d gotten the idea “because when my 5-year-old was born my husband slept through him crying in the hospital.”

The comments were full of their own stories, convincing everyone that this was a widespread issue – and that Nerf guns might be the answer.

Image Credit: Facebook

Said one mom,

“Threw 2 shoes at my husband to get him to wake up.

First night at the hospital after a c section and I couldn’t get out of bed easily.”

Another chimed in, tagging her husband.

“I needed this for when you were sleeping, and I couldn’t get up cause of the scar.”

If there’s one thing that reading this post has taught me (and probably women everywhere) is that even if husbands sleeping through those first days is normal, it doesn’t have to be.

I’d say it’s long past time to take matters into our own hands, wouldn’t you, ladies?