Sitting down to pee when you could do it standing up is apparently something people with penises resist, even from the youngest of ages.

I get that it’s probably way more fun to aim, or pee in circles, or whatever, but listen up males: it turns out there are actual health reasons to sit down on the pot.

Urologist and professor Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt says that goes double for older men who might be beginning to experience prostate issues. In fact, sitting can help men empty their bladders more effectively if their prostates are large and they need to help relax the pelvic muscles in an effort to help push the urine out.

Being able to fully empty your bladder can reduce the risks  of cysts and other health complications associated with enlarged prostates.

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Doctors and scientists aren’t totally sure what causes the prostate to enlarge in aging males, though since men without testicles rarely experience the phenomenon, it’s likely connected in some way to hormone levels.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at an elevated risk for prostate cancer, but the enlarged prostate on its own can cause medical issues. But here’s the thing… most, if not all of those issues, can be relieved by sitting down to pee. Yeah, it can be THAT simple.

And if you’re young (under 50), there are other reasons to start sitting – mostly hygienic.

Physicists (yes, they actually studied this) have found that peeing standing up significantly increases the velocity of the stream and potential for splatter, which leads to truly disgusting, bacteria-filled bathrooms.

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Dr. Brahmbhatt adds his two cents on the matter,

“There are men that have bad aim and can soak the toilet with splatters of urine.

Sitting and urinating on the toilet does increase your odds of making sure the urine is actually going down the drain.”

I mean, why not just go ahead and start practicing for the big transition on your 50th birthday now?

Your wife, and your bathroom floors, would be delighted.