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This post, about a woman who saw a baby (toddler) sleeping in a car at a grocery store as the mom walked away, caused so much infighting and controversy that the moderators had to take it down. The tweet – and responses on Twitter – remain, though, and honestly, no one can agree.

The original poster (OP) saw a woman walking away from a car with a sleeping toddler in it, chased down the mother just in case she’d forgotten on accident, and was stunned to hear her say she was only going to be a minute.

OP argued that she shouldn’t leave the baby, even for a minute, but the mother dismissed her concerns as someone who couldn’t understand because she wasn’t yet a parent, and went inside anyway.

Image Credit: Twitter

Then, OP hemmed and hawed for a few seconds before calling 911. The police arrived just as the mother returned from the store – she was gone less than 10 minutes – and went into hysterics at the thought she might lose her baby.

Image Credit: Twitter

So, was she wrong to call the cops? Should she have ignored the situation? Watched the kid herself until the woman returned?

Twitter is split, honestly.

Some people thinking you never, ever leave a kid that young alone in the car.

And that makes sense, right?

Definitely NOT the asshole.

Others thought maybe the mother was right, and the OP just didn’t get it.

But are they stretching a bit?

I mean, should you ever just leave your kid unattended in public?

Most thought that her concern wasn’t misplaced…

…but calling the police and potentially upending an entire family was out of line.

She could have simply watched for 5-10 minutes and made sure the mother returned. No harm no foul.

I’m split, honestly – as a mother yes, I’ve been tempted to run in and grab ordered and paid for takeoff from a shelf and leave the kids belted and locked in the car, but I understand why someone would be concerned.

That said, the weather wasn’t hot, it wasn’t cold, and the mother said she’d be right back.

What do you think? Would you have waited? Told the mother you were going to call the cops? Done what OP did?

Tell us your reasons in the comments!