Looking back at childhood it often colored with nostalgia, and when it comes to the toys we coveted so hard – and sometimes never got – that goes double.

These 13 people are recalling the things they really wanted as children (and that I sincerely hope they got at some point!).

13. Man this was a great gift.

A set of encyclopedias.

12. This is a great story.

An Easy Bake Oven. Ooooh, I wanted one SO BAD! Never got it (my parents did the best they could, no blame!) as a kid.

For years, every Christmas, I joked, “No Easy Bake… AGAIN!” which became a running theme, into my 30s!! LOL!!

The Christmas I was 35, I opened a present and OMG! An Easy Bake Oven!!! My father said, “Now shut up already!!!” HAHAHAHA!!! I finally got it! 😀

11. Who didn’t?

I’ve always wnated a treehouse.

I just wanted to put all my stuff up there and I can be by myself when I wanted to.

I had no problem being alone when I was a kid.

10. Sadly, I don’t think that one is coming.

That pollution is gone, homeless people have homes and all the strays/ abused/ neglected animals have loving homes.

9. They’re poor quality, sadly.

I always wanted one of those art sets that had everything in it. Paint, markers, colored pencils, erasers, etc.

8. That’s just depressing.

A dad who loved me.


7. That’s a lot of pressure for Santa.

Some one that actually likes me and someone to tell me it’s ok.

My mother left me when I was 5.

My grandparents took me in, but they don’t really understand me.

My dad just moved out of town a few weeks ago, and while I may be bubbly, on the inside I feel like I’m dying…

6. Be careful what you wish for.

I wanted a younger brother. Got it and kind of wish I hadn’t.

5. Those sugary cereals were it.

To eat fruity-flavored sugar bomb cereal (with red dye #2, no less) instead of “plain” cereals like Cheerios and Rice-Crispies.

4. So many sad people here!

Friends who didn’t love me and then leave me alone to drown in my tears…

3. Books and puppies.

I want friends that actually remember you and stay in touch after you move to a new high school.

Oh yeah, and an instant camera.

And husky puppies.

And a whole house filled with fiction books to myself. (Yeah, that would be le ultimate heaven.)

2. There’s always “that one.”

That one Barbie doll cake with the cake and frosting skirt from mijer.

Lol does any one else know what I’m talking about?

1. A+ Mom and Dad.

When I was little I was obsessed with American Girl dolls.

My best friends had them, but I couldn’t afford one, because they costed 115$. So, I was saving up all of my money so I could buy one.

It was a very joyful Christmas when my parents gave me a gift-card to meet me halfway.

These definitely brought me back to the past!

What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!