Pretty much every bit of art Pixar has ever created has brought at least one tear to my eye (it’s usually many, many more), so it’s no surprise that their latest short is going to make everyone with love in their heart cry buckets.

Disney has been working on listening to the complaints of marginalized communities and are starting to craft stories and characters that features storylines other than the lily-white princess who finds her prince. They’re not perfect, but they’re working on it, right?

Along those lines, Pixar introduced its first openly LGBTQ character, Officer Specter, in Onward.

Now, on Disney+, you can watch the coming out story of a gay man in their latest short, Out.

The story follows Greg as he prepares to move in with his boyfriend, Manuel. Though excited to take the next step in his relationship, Greg is struggling with the fact that his parents don’t know that he’s gay (or has a boyfriend he’s moving in with, for that matter).

When his parents surprise him by coming to help him move, we get to watch Pixar do what it does best – bring humanity, in all of its messy glory, to the screen.

Out also makes Pixar history with its first onscreen same-sex kiss.

The eight-and-a-half-minute short is part of Pixar’s ongoing SparkShorts series, which grapples with more adult issues than some of their shorts aimed at younger kids.

If you’ve got time and love fantastic storytelling, the whole series is worth a watch.

And I know you’ve got the time!