If you have a dad, or have ever observed one in the wild, you may have noticed this odd habit they have – they take a handful of snacks, like nuts or popcorn, put it in their hand, and shake it up before popping it in their mouth.

Why? No one knows.

Honestly, until recently, no one realized that this wasn’t just a thing their dad did, but something all dads do.

Thank goodness for TikTok, right?

“Why does every dad SHAKE their snack?”


And that’s on cashews 😔👊🏻 #dad #neverfitin #natureathome

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There is currently no answer.

“The white dad eating nuts.”


accurate representation of the white dad eating nuts #fyp #whitedads #foryou

♬ original sound – noelle🎀

Now I need to know if dads of color do this, too…

This dad will entertain no questions.


why do all white dads eat almonds like this

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Which means that’s all we’re left with, since he ate all of the nuts.

“Dads trying to eat almonds normally.”


This is Daddy 101 #fyp #foryou

♬ human – christina perri

This impression is just spot on, honestly.

So, it seems the world may never know the reason behind this phenomenon, but it does appear to be widespread.

Are you a dad? Would you like to share? Is it just something that happens when your first child is born?

Please, solve the mystery in the comments!