Most of the time you hear about all of the great, amazing, above-and-beyond stuff that teachers do in service of our kids’ educations every single day.

In every job, though, you will find the people who are definitely in it for the wrong reasons, and it’s appalling to read about the kind of damage they can do.

We’re supposed to be able to trust our teachers, but these 10 kids found out far too early that’s not always true.

10. Why do some people think they know better than doctors?

Like…so many people.

9. It’s called consequences.

No sympathy here.

8. Ask her how many languages she speaks.

I’m guessing one.

7. I’d say that earns the kid a pass.

That teacher should get his or her a$s kicked.

6. I would like to smack this lady straight upside her head.

How many Black kids have similar experiences?

5. What on earth is this nonsense?

Except truly awful?

4. I wonder if she brought some aloe for the burn?

This had to be so satisfying.

3. Both of these are bad.

Only one is criminal, though.

2. What a trash human.

Throw him away.

1. It’s disgusting.

I’m sad that it’s also not uncommon.

I want to find some of these people and slap them silly!

Share your terrible teacher story with us in the comments – I want to be BIG mad.