Transitioning from a not-so-healthy lifestyle into one where you try your best to make good choices for your body, health, and family is no easy feat. Most of us will take months, if not years, to get it right – and even then, we’re bound to mess up sometimes, so remember to be kind to yourselves!

If trying to focus on your own personal health is a commitment you’re trying to make, though, a little help can go a long way – and we think these 10 helpful tips and cheat sheets could give you a boost!

10. A quick, easy, and tasty breakfast you can prep the night before.

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9. Sweet treats don’t have to be unhealthy!

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8. Marinating makes everything yummier.

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7. Know how to find the sugar lurking in your food.

6. A quick and dirty Paleo reference.

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5. Handy swaps for when you’re trying to watch your carbs.

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4. Say it with me: stir fry is your friend.

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3. For my fellow vegetable-haters in the house.

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2. Just a few practical tips on eating healthy.

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1. Easy ways to add protein to every meal.

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Good luck out there, friends, and remember that everything is a process – and a marathon, not a sprint!

What advice helped you start a healthier lifestyle? What didn’t? We’d love to talk more about it in the comments!