We’re all trying our hardest right now to patch together something that looks like a functioning life. We’re doing online or hybrid school, we’re working from home, we’re wearing masks, we’re explaining as best as can to our kids.

Humor is one of the only ways we’re keeping it together, though – that old adage, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry seems truer than ever.

And so, without further ado, I present to you 11 hilarious moments that never would have been possible without online school.

11. A romance for the ages.

You gotta make do.


#duet with @bigboyami shot my shot #zoom #uni #college #ubc #zoomclass

♬ Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! – Vengaboys

10. Every day is a good day to wear a crazy hat.

Dreams really do come true.


Call me the Lone Ranger 🤠🥺 #crazyhat #zoom #gonnaknow #soawkward #woody

♬ original sound – Conor Driscoll

9. Like I said, we’re all doing our best.

That includes professors.


8. Well you’ve gotta shoot your shot.

Good for her.


7. Talk about living in an echo chamber.

I am dead now.


I WAS HEARING MY ECHO AND I RESPONDED TO IT LIKE AN IDIOT IN THE BREAKUP GROUP😭😭 #fyp #zoomuniversity #foryou #online #business #breakoutrooms

♬ original sound – Sara Mae

6. That Hogwarts letter is coming.

Just six more years.

5. It’s a brave new world.

Who wouldn’t want to bring grandma to school?


4. The teacher we didn’t know we needed.

He’s a hero for our times.


Just a little update for you guys😔♥️ #fyp #foryou #tiktokteacher #teacher #school

♬ original sound – mr.pyper

3. Bless anyone teaching virtual preschool.

I mean virtual school at all, but preschool especially.


Miguel is always the first one online and usually asks “DID YOU MISS ME?” 😭 #onlineschool #prek #virtualteacher #virtuallearning

♬ original sound – Valeria Ruiz

2. He needs more buddies I guess.

Don’t we all.

1. I mean maybe you still are.

If you taught him to be so clever.

I’m dying, and thankful that we’re still all able to laugh.

But I think we’ll all still be thankful and ready when things finally go back to “normal.”