Young kids will literally cry over anything – or sometimes even nothing.

They have a lot of big emotions but lack the skills to handle them effectively, and so they simply blow their top until an adult can show them how to not act psychotic over every little thing not going their way.

On the plus side, it can be really funny (when it’s not happening to you). So, in the spirit of support, here are 11 kids throwing fits over truly impressive slights.

11. Gotta teach ’em young.

Even if you have to pay the consequences.

10. Tomorrow they’ll fight over Avengers.

Resign yourself now.

9. Ugh, Daddy.

Those phases are just the best, right?

8. Living with teenagers is hard for everyone.

Also, living with cats.

7. They really know how to make you feel good, don’t they?

I think I would redo it!

6. My child also cries when he hurts me.

Somehow I end up comforting him?

5. I hope she just drank her coffee.

She’s going to need it.

4. It is terrifying.

Or is it because she’s sad?

3. If I had toddler twins I would be the one crying.

And I wouldn’t feel badly about it.

2. No one likes that fake banana smell.


1. That’s not going to change.

Until they’re out of high school, at least.

Bless their hearts.

These days will be gone soon, and you might even miss them.


Okay, now we want to hear from you! Which one of these did you relate to the most?

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