The only way to predict a toddler’s meltdowns is just to expect that you could have a meltdown at any minute. It’s true, of course, and that way you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of believing there has to be an actual reason.

Feelings are the reason, and your little ones have a ton of those, all the time, and just a small body to hold them – which is how these 10 priceless moments came into being.

10. It’s a no any time, though, right?

Like…the Target germs aren’t ok, either.

9. I, too, hate wearing pants to the store.

This kid is relatable.

8. Those are all distressing.

How big is the dog?

7. It’s very specialized knowledge.

Don’t beat yourself up.

6. I think we all saw this coming.

Fool me once…

5. Bugs and brothers, am I right?

Basically double trouble.

4. Pick the best looking soldiers and send them into battle.

Maybe say a prayer, just in case.

3. You just have to laugh.

Otherwise you’ll cry yourself.

2. Even suggestions are not allowed.

Also, never peel the banana without asking.

1. I mean a little wouldn’t hurt him.

Just imagine he was like the 3rd kid.

I love hearing these stories about other people’s kids – it makes me feel less alone!

What was the last mental breakdown over nothing you dealt with at home? Tell us about it in the comments!