We all say and do stupid and silly things when we’re young – and let me tell you, we never really live them down.

That said, if they’re funny enough, we can learn to embrace the follies of our youth, and hopefully these 11 kids will look back at their ignorance and laugh one day.

11. You’re probably not going to want to sit down anywhere.

A full-nose search is in order.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. Did she, though?

Look again, Mommy.

Image Credit: Facebook

9. Bless her heart.

This girl is going places.

Image Credit: Tumblr

8. Surviving a toddler is no joke.

She’s probably going to end up in therapy anyway, do what you gotta do.

Image Credi: Twitter

7. That money is gone, I think.

I bet most of the 1st graders kept it.

Image Credit: Reddit

6. He just did you a favor.

Now you don’t have to come up with a Halloween costume.

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5. Oh man those are the days you wonder if you and your spouse are accidentally related.

What a doofus!

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4. Boys, do not do this.

Your parents would rather have a working computer than keep faking innocence, I promise.

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3. You say nothing.

Go about your day and wait for one of the fish to start speaking.

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2. This just breaks my heart.

Her little face and wanting a picture with her fish.

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1. He was always going to get busted.

He just made it super easy.

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I’m laughing now, so I hope they’re laughing with me (or they can’t hear me, at least).

What is the dumbest thing one of your kids did? Tell us in the comments!