Some days, it takes a lot to lift your spirits. Other days, it doesn’t take much at all, and there’s really no way to know which sort of day you’re going to get before you wake up in the morning.

Or at least, not before your kids wake up in the morning.

Whatever kind of day you’re having, though, I can’t imagine these 11 memes wouldn’t make it better.

11. I don’t think they think that, but…

I’ve been tired enough to wonder.

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10. I know you think you’re tired, but…

You’re not constantly tired.

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9. You know better.

You don’t always make the right call, though.

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8. I don’t think I ever hurt my back as a kid.

Now, my back is never not hurt.

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7. No matter what time it is.

My bedtime is 9pm these days, too.

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6. And now you eat so fast you can’t taste it anyway.

But you still see it on your hips.

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5. Only rookies say this.

The rest of us know they will make us eat our words immediately.

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4. Apples are not cheap, my friends.

Things you learn when you have toddlers.

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3. Bless their hearts.

You just want to give them a hug. And a cup of coffee.

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2. It’s one or the other.

“Nothing” is unthinkable.

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1. They won’t even get it.

OK one day they will. But not today.

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Here’s to more good days and bad, my friends.

Tell me in the comments which one of these made you smile the biggest!