Ah, tantrums. If there’s one thing that bonds the parents of toddlers together, it’s our experience handling meltdowns that make zero sense, and always occur when we have the least amount of time to devote to the crazy.

These 11 parents do their best to laugh at the whole sh%tshow, though, and I’ve gotta say, I think they’re onto something.

11. What kind of monster buys the kind without meatballs?

I mean. It’s hard to blame the kid here.

10. Getting a little closer every day.

Bless his heart.

9. This is a whole mood.

Life’s hard, kid.

8. The man is an expert.

Years of observation and experience.

7. Sophie’s Choice.

There’s no right answer. It all depends on the day.

6. God don’t like ugly.

Man, my kids are going to hate that phrase as much as I did.

5. He’s set a new record.

I bet his wife gave him a high-five.

4. Just take her mirrors away.

You’re not going to stop her sticking her tongue out.

3. Could have gone with her gut.

But you know. It would have gone bad either way.

2. No explanations necessary.

Let that be a lesson for everyone else, as well.

1. At least he’s honest.

And curious, too!

Laughter is, I think, one of the best tools in a parent’s emergency box. And if you don’t have laughter, well, raising a kid is going to be A LOT of tedious work that’s no fun. And nobody likes NOT having fun.

Tell us in the comments the funniest place your child has pitched a fit!

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