If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry – it’s the advice that gets me through many a long parenting day with two littles at home, let me tell you. They’re demanding, they’re emotionally draining, they’re the source of your worry and anxiety, and for me, alone time is at a serious minimum.

Being able to log onto the internet and find that others are having some of the same struggles – and others sharing their own hilarious kid interactions, helps me get through it!

12. There are upsides to making your kid very comfortable at home.

No one really likes camping, do they?

11. This seems like a pretty comprehensive list.

He’s probably going to need to “rest his eyes” at some point.

10. Eh, I’m sure this grammar rule will be the next one to go.

It’s all anarchy in the world of English.

9. Ooh, I’m honestly not sure the clean room was worth it.

Unless he found all of your spoons.

8. THIS is ironic, Alanis.

Why are old bodies so annoying?

7. Older kids have all the jokes.

These aren’t half bad, if you ask me.

6. The most elusive gift in the world.

This is what we all want for Mother’s Day. #facts

5. No one has the answer to that, kid.

At least we have the internet.

4. Let the cable news anchor figure it out.

It’s full of passion, I know.

3. Let’s find a way to make that happen.

Because I’m running on caffeine, sugar, and half-eaten chicken nuggets.

2. That sounds about right.

But annoying your teenagers is like, the only fun thing about having teenagers.

1. That’s real family love right there.

Dear Lord, please let my parents keep my kids again soon.

I’m laughing, even knowing that tomorrow it could be me posting something like this.

What’s the funniest thing your kid has said or done lately. I want to hear about it!