I mean, there comes a time every day when parents across the world are all counting down until bedtime, no matter how sweet and perfect our kids are acting at the moment.

There are some days, though, like the ones these 12 people are having, when the countdown starts about 5 minutes after your kids get up in the morning – the days when nothing, not even naps or fun plans, can derail their annoying behaviors.

Take heart – you’re not alone, and bedtime always gets here eventually!

12. That was smart, because you’re gonna need it.

And maybe she’ll learn throwing a fit gets her nowhere.

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11. Sweet, sweet victory.

I hope she enjoyed the shit out of those nuggets and mac and cheese.

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10. I guess have faith the list won’t dwindle to nothing.

In theory, anyway.

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9. It’s so cute how they think you’re not going to find out.

Or don’t realize you have a sense of smell.

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8. She forgot to add #blessed!

How is everyone going to know how grateful she is for the madness??

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7. This is the funniest response ever.

And also, you might be. Time for a DNA test.

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6. There are worse things she could drag around, I suppose.

Unless you need it for your tea.

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5. Be very, very afraid.

Hopefully it’s something small and easy to squash.

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4. There’s no better way.

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3. But why did you spent $400 on glasses for a kid, though?

It’s not a matter of if something is going to happen to them, but when.

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2. It’s like a horror movie.

You’re definitely going to find something marked up somewhere.

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1. There are no good choices in this game of parenting life.

There is alcohol though.

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I want to give all of these parents a hug (while I’m giggling at their kids!).

What do your kids do that makes you want to put them to bed immediately? Share in the comments!